GeoKai Founder - Marcus Hyde

In August 1996  I boarded a train at Preston Station in Lancashire, bound for RAF Halton in Buckinghamshire. I  was joining the Royal Air Force where I trained as an Avionics Technician. 

 In 2004 I met my now wife, and in 2006 we welcomed our first child. This was unfortunately the beginning of a long spell of health problems for my wife, and ultimately the decision for me to prematurely end my service career in 2012.

As a full time carer, I soon began to think of how our future might look. We had welcomed a second child in 2009. My wife had been successfully building her business as a travel consultant prior to falling ill and had been keeping it afloat in a limited capacity ever since, so one of my first priorities was to ensure that her business survived, but I had a burning desire to find something I could do whilst still being able to care for and support my family.

Jumping forward a few years, the travel business is still surviving and I had established a small business building websites. I had initially bought some website building software, that worked a bit like some of these free website builders you’ll see around today. As my knowledge and experience grew, I realised I had hit the limitations that this type of software could provide, so it was time to overcome those limitations by digging into the code. I had already been developing my coding skills so transitioning was quite easy. The results though, were what really made the difference.  

One USP (unique selling point) of my wife’s travel business is that every customer is treated like a family member. What counts, is making a personal connection with your clients, genuinely valuing them, and learning to truly understand what their needs and wants really are. After all, you want your client to do three things…

        1. To feel valued and cared for, listened to and understood.
        2. To come back to you next time they need the services you offer (repeat business).
        3. To recommend you to everyone they know.

This ethos has been something I have sought to achieve in building GeoKai. 

So, why the name GeoKai? 

Branding is an important part of any business. For many small businesses this is often an afterthought, so we began offering a service to help design client’s branding, logo’s and overall image.  Back in 2012 I received a Christmas gift of a ‘Name your own Star’ kit, which officially registers the name you choose to a star. It’s a gimmick, I know, but I thought long and hard about what I wanted to name the star.  GeoKai (pronounced Geo – Kay) came from the first three letters of my children’s middle names (George and Kaites), you’ll also see that the Geo part has a blue hue behind it and the Kai part a maroon hue. The colours signifying their gender. If you look in to the story behind many big brand logo’s you’ll be surprised at how much thought and often hidden messages went in to their development.