GeoKai creative bespoke functional webdesign

Just like an artist paints a canvas, a web designer paints a digital display. At GeoKai our aim is to ensure your design brief is realised on screen.

Whatever business you’re in, the image you portray to potential clients is a key factor in securing their custom. First impressions count, so, if a picture paints a thousand words, it’s important your website does the same.


Web Design & Consultancy

The online world has become very much integrated into our everyday lives. A vast majority of businesses and consumers will look t the internet as their first port of call to find whatever they may be looking for. It makes sense that, whatever product or service you are offering, you should be offering it using the world wide web.


It’s all well and good that you build a beautiful website, but without hosting, no-one is going to see it. Find out about where and how we host your website.


Creating an image that reflects your brand is an important part of ensuring your success.The design should be simple yet eye-catching. Think how many big business logos you can picture right now.